Follow-up appointments are vital to your continuum of care. They allow the physician to monitor your progress, make adjustments in medication and create a stroke prevention regimen to follow at home.

When preparing for your follow-up exam, please bring the Patient Resource book that was provided to you in the hospital, and a list of current medication with dosing information.

Upon discharge, your physician will provide you with follow up instructions as well as a timeframe for your follow-up appointment. Most follow-up appointments will be in 90 days. However, the physician will communicate if he/she needs to see you sooner. The Texas Stroke Institute clinic staff will call you to schedule your follow-up appointment and provide you with any special instructions.

Patients in need of an evaluation for an aneurysm, carotid stenosis, AVM or any other neurovascular disease may be referred to our clinic by your physician. Learn more about our clinic and locations in Plano and Fort Worth.